How to make a website? Step by Step

If you are searching to earn money by online or make money online by Internet. Then friend be relaxed you have been reached the right place. We are an expert from Google Adsense and Other Affiliate Marketing’s.


There are lot of option to earn money by Internet. We organizing in a sequence.

Developing Ideas to Earn Money by Internet

  1. Think Tanks (Your Thoughts)
  2. Design of Website
  3. Purchase Domain (Go daddy or other hosting provider)
  4. Work Hard don’t pray to God, (God is always with us)
  5. Register with Google Adsense
    1. Follow the Privacy Policy of Google Adsense
    2. Reach the Adsense Address Verification Threshold
    3. Reach the add payment method threshold
    4.  Reach the Payment Threshold
    5. Finally get paid ♠

So, Friend’s let talking about how to make website:

First I suggest, you need to be understand little bit of developing. It will help to purchasing domain. But I will tell you one trick who’ll help you in the case if you don’t know about developing.


Step 1: Go to Godaddy. Click here

Step 2: If you don’t have an account with Godaddy, do register. Click Here

Step 3:  Go to hosting and select WordPress Hosting. Click Here

Step 4: Select One of listed above, if you are beginner select Basic

Step 5: Select Year, For beginners select 12 months then click on continue button.

Step 6: Enter your domain name “” then search. Domain would available required.

Step 7: Select and continue.

Step 8: Pay the payment to Godaddy.

You have purchased your website from Go Daddy hosting provider. Very Simple way you can setup your website.

Now you have website, now run your business which was your think tanks. After few days we will explain you more about earnings by online.


If you want to ask any kind of question about our work. Please feel free to comments below. We will solve your problem.



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